Take the lead and speak up

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Taking the lead is about taking a more active role in managing your MS attacks. When faced with an MS attack, be sure to remember to recognize, report, discuss treatment, and follow up.


Recognize MS attacks

There are 4 key characteristics used to identify an MS attack (also known as a relapse, flare, or exacerbation).

  • You have new MS symptoms or your existing MS symptoms suddenly become worse
  • These symptoms last for at least 24 hours (they may go on for days or weeks)
  • Your symptoms occur at least 30 days after your last attack
  • You don’t have a fever, illness, or similar condition when the symptoms start

Report all symptoms of an MS attack

When it comes to reporting MS attack symptoms, remember:

No symptom is too small.

It’s better to report your symptoms—big or small—and be safe than not get the treatment you may need.

The sooner, the better.

The sooner you report your MS attack symptoms, the sooner you and your doctor can decide on the right treatment option for you.

Know your options.

There’s more than one FDA-approved option for treating MS attacks. If your last attack treatment wasn't the right fit for you, be sure to let your doctor know.

If you think you’re having an MS attack, contact your doctor immediately.
If you’re unsure, contact your doctor anyway, because reporting symptoms of an MS attack earlier can help determine if you need treatment.


Discuss treatment for your MS attack

Treating an MS attack is different from treating your MS. The goal of an MS attack treatment is to speed the time it takes to recover from attack symptoms. That’s why you may want to ask if an MS attack treatment is appropriate, and if Acthar Gel may be an option for you.


Follow up with your doctor, especially if you don’t feel your symptoms getting better after your MS attack treatment

Not everyone will respond to treatment the same way. Once you've begun treatment, keep track of whether your symptoms are improving. If you don’t feel your symptoms getting better with your prescribed MS attack treatment, tell your doctor right away. Open communication will allow you and your doctor to see if you are meeting your treatment goals or if another treatment option is needed.

If you’re not satisfied with your MS attack treatment, tell your doctor right away. Acthar Gel may be an option.